Neighbors, community advocates, teachers, workers groups, and business owners benefit from Lorenzo’s proven ability to lead and serve our City.

“Univision, Channel 40 News Interview”, Univision, Channel 40 North Carolina Media Interview, 6/16

Lorenzo Sierra discusses Hillary Clinton’s record and plan regarding immigration.
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“Real Men Wear Gowns”, NBC Channel 12 Public Service Announcement, 5/16

Real men wear gowns because they care about their family, they care about their community, and they are going to do what it takes to stay healthy.
Watch this public service announcement in conjunction with NBC Channel 12 and Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

Polling places added for special election, West Valley View, 5/11/16

Avondale City Councilman Lorenzo Sierra, who called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate how polling places were determined in the last election, said most of the problems in southwest Avondale have been remedied with the additional polling places.
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Que se restablezca la Ley de Derecho al Voto, La Voz, 4/29/16

Basandome en estos errores garrafales y en las politicas de votacion recientes, que afectan de manera desproporcionada a mis electores minoria, le he solicitado al Congreso de Estados Unidos que rehabilite la Ley del Derecho al Voto.
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Avondale at center of polling place chaos, West Valley View, 3/30/16

The election that Avondale City Councilman Lorenzo Sierra called ‘the biggest fiasco’ caused him to request the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether Avondale voters were ‘systematically disenfranchised’ in what’s a step in selecting delegates to this summer’s national political conventions.
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The well-orchestrated plan to keep Arizona Latinos from voting, Arizona Republic, 3/29/16

Avondale Councilman Lorenzo Sierra is asking the same because his city of more than 50 percent Latinos didn’t have any polling sites.
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Avondale councilman seeks DOJ inquiry, cites lack of polls for Arizona presidential preference election, Arizona Republic, 3/24/16

Councilman Lorenzo Sierra directed a letter Thursday to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, alleging that ‘Avondale’s voters were systematically disenfranchised.’
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Event promotes reading, West Valley View, 3/23/16

Avondale Councilman Lorenzo Sierra read in classrooms March 3 at Eliseo C. Felix School… ‘I had a great time doing it,’ Sierra said of the task that’s part of his efforts to promote reading, especially for the underprivileged.
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Reading is fundamental (LTE), West Valley View, 11/24/15

Avondale Councilman Lorenzo Sierra’s work is a wonderful effort to impact the lives of children early in school. His far-reaching efforts to make this happen should be an example to others how it is possible to make a positive difference with a plan, collaboration, and a little hard work.
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High-quality education is our responsibility, West Valley View, 11/10/15

Recently, I collaborated with community leaders and local agencies to deliver more than 3,400 books to children in the Avondale Elementary School District… It was just another step in the long journey toward 100 percent literacy in the school district and Avondale.
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Avondale councilman receives appointment, West Valley View, 9/4/15

Avondale Councilman Lorenzo Sierra has been appointed to the Maricopa Association of Government’s Economic Development Committee.
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City leaders must take the lead, West Valley View, 6/1/15

When the most recent Arizona legislative session ended, one thing was apparent – education wasn’t a priority for the state’s leadership.
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Don’t Forget Us, La Voz, 2/5/15

Avondale is second only to Yuma as Arizona’s second largest Latino-majority city with 50.3 percent of residents being Latino, according to the most recent US Census. When I was sworn in earlier this week, these statistics were on my mind, as I became the only Latino on the council.
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Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 6:58am
So awesome to chat with the @AZAvondale Youth Commission members at the @leagueofcities conference in DC. Our future is bright with these emerging leaders. Sierra4AZ photo
Sunday, March 11th, 2018 at 5:49am
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